Ares Presentation at
Defense Ministry

December, 2018

On November 22, ARES held a lecture at Defense Ministry auditorium in Brasília, for the Future Military Attaches of Brazil, to show company capabilities and technological domain to meet external demands for exportation of defense products. The event promoted the defense and security industries of Brazil's Defense Industrial Base and once again, ARES was recognized for experience and capability to develop high technological Defense Solutions.

ARES is a Brazilian company, a reference in the country's defense market, acting for 50 years in the development of solutions that contribute for growth and strengthening of Brazilian Armed Forces. ARES knowledge and experience enables the company to be a reference in this market, supporting several demands of Brazilian Armed Forces with quality and efficiency.

Ares presents Starmax to the Motorized Infantry Battalion
(BIMEC) in Cascavel

October, 2018

Between the days October 09th and 11th, Ares presented the Starmax Training Suite to the Motorized Infantry Battalion (BIMEC) in Cascavel, aiming to develop and improve individual skills of REMAX operators Weapons System.

Approximately 20 military had the opportunity to test the Starmax and check through evaluations that the suite allows the operator to train all functionalities and procedures of the real station- REMAX, with high utilization, emulating a real experience of the system. The graphical interface allows training control and evaluation within the 3D virtual environment, improving military conditions of instruction and training, reducing risks and costs inherent to the system operation.

COTER Officers (Land Operations Command) positively evaluated the system throughout the event, realizing the advantages of including virtual training with STARMAX as a way to develop more Remax operators in a short time, eliminate the use of real ammunition, reduce the logistical cost of field operations and thus bringing more resource savings to the Force.

The STARMAX Training Suite was developed by ARES to enable all battalions, that have REMAX System to expand operator's capacity through the simulation of real training, which can be performed either in an immersive environment or in classroom. The software is modular and allows the integration of new elements to its configuration enabling tactical training.


12 April, 2017

The event took place between April 4th to 7th at RioCentro - RJ and brought together national and international companies, committees and authorities from many countries looking for advanced technologies, equipment and services to Armed Forces and Police Forces.

ARES main solutions for Land and Naval Systems were exhibited attracting many authorities and local media. Most products at ARES booth allowed visitors interaction and experience equipment control. It contributed to show the facility and security of the ARES developed systems operation.

One of the main attractions at ARES stand was the TORC30. A gyro stabilized unmanned turret using Rheinmetall MK30-2 30mm gun for armored vehicle.

Among ARES solutions, another important product presented was REMAN, a manually-operated armored protected weapon station for different types of machine gun It was designed to be installed in light and medium weight armored vehicles (wheeled and tracked).

ARES Naval Systems, like CORCED and ATENA, also allowed the visitors to Interact and operate the equipment, attracting great attention.


December 22, 2016

ARES participated to the 2nd edition of Seminary of Jungle Operation – SIOP SELVA 2016 that happened between the days November 30, December 1 and 2 at Amazon’s Conventions Center in Manaus.

An important event brought up lectures, workshops and expositions with news and solutions to the market of Security and Defense.

Among the speakers were brazilians authoroties as Brazilian’s Army Colonel Alcimar Marques de Araújo Martins (Commander of Instruction Center Jungle War - CIGS) and Colonel R/1 Luciano PUCHALSKI (Manager of Future’s Brazilian Combatant Project - COBRA), besides them there were foreign authoroties too.

ARES exposed all important equipment that were developed to the Land and Naval Artillery as REMAX, TORC30, CORCED, SLT and ATENA, also optical equipment as COLIMADORES and LUNETA PANORÂMICA.

During the event ARES received the General of Brazilian Army Geraldo Antônio Miotto (Chief of Amazon’s Millitary Command) who pointed out the importance of the event for Brazil defense and security development.

ARES are proud for their contributions in techonological advances in the country’s security and defense in partnership with Brazilian Army and Brazil’s Navy.

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General Miotto being introduced to ARES solutions

ARES exhibits at EURONAVAL 2016 solutions developed for Brazilian Navy

October 21, 2016

ARES once again attended to EURONAVAL in Paris, leading their main products of its naval portfolio. The event is currently one of the largest in the word specialized in naval and maritime security defense.

Among the main solutions exhibited at the stand, we highlighted ATENA, CORDED, IVERA, SLT and the Mobile Floating System, a recent launched product in partnership with the Marine Corps.

During the event, ARES booth received several officials, delegations and important visits as the Brazilian Navy Commander.

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Brazilian Navy Commander at ARES booth

REMAX Featured ARES Booth at EUROSATORY 2016

June 30, 2016

ARES presented at Eurosatory 2016 in Paris, an international event with great relevance for the defense and security market. This year ARES presented a series of state-manufactured systems and marketed by the company, which is currently one of the national leaders in developing, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment for military applications.

Brazilian Hall attracted many important visitors and among the authorities present, the ARES received the Director of Science and Technology of Brazilian Army, General Juarez.

During the visit, ARES emphasized the importance of the new partnership between the ARES, IMBEL and OTO MELARA to equip the new Guarani vehicles with HITFACT 105mm tower.

Another important attraction was for the REMAX, which featured an exclusive space to exhibit a real unit of product. The REMAX, which is officially adopted by the Brazilian Army, is a remote controlled weapons station, gyro-stabilized for machine guns 12.7 mm or 7.62 mm that was developed according to Brazilian Army requirements through a partnership between the ARES and CTEx (Technological Center of the Army).

ARES also presented other equipment developed for Army and Naval artillery, as the TORC30 (Unmaned Turret), CORCED (Naval Weapon Station), SLT (Torpedo Launching System), ATENA (Optronical Fire Control System), and optical equipment such as aiming devices and collimators for mortars and howitzers.

Another important project developed in partnership with the Brazilian Navy Marine Corps, the Tactical Bridge CASTOR, which allows the transposition of waterways, for military operations or emergency, and risk actions that can be used in disaster areas such as floods, earthquakes or storms, where the hits have been damaged or destroyed.

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ARES Presented Equipments and Solutions ar FIDAE

April 18, 2016

With equipment developed for the Brazilian Army and Brazilian Navy, ARES presented at FIDAE 2016, an international event held in Santiago, Chile, and for over 35 years brings new references and solutions for the Aerospace market, Defense and security.

ARES presented a number of last generation systems manufactured and commercialized by the company which is currently one of the Brazilian leaders in development, manufacturing and maintenance of equipment for military and civilian applications.

Among them we highlight REMAX, TORC30, CORCED, SLT e ATENA, and also Optical equipment like Collimators and the Panoramic Sight.

This year, the big ARES presented was the Modular Floating Bridge.

A project developed in partnership with the Brazilian Navy Marine Corps, which aims to assist movement in emergency and risk operations and can help in disaster areas such as floods, earthquakes or storms, where access have been damaged or destroyed. It is a modular bridge system, which can be used for civilian or military purposes, facilitating the crossing of waterways. The system is lightweight, versatile and can be easily transported and quickly assembled by a small team, besides having anchoring equipment on the ground can support currents of up to 3.5 m/s.

During the event, the Sales Manager and the President of the company were interviewed by DefesaNet, and among the main topics of the interview, the company's Director highlighted the importance of presence and closeness to the Latin American market for commercial actions and partnerships in addition to the progress already achieved in Brazil, especially as the REMAX system, officially adopted by the Brazilian Army to equip family of armored Guarani Program, where ARES already has a significant share.

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ARES stand - DefesaNet

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Floating Bridge Simulation

Cooperation Agreement between the Brazilian Navy and the ARES

April 18, 2016

On March 15th, ARES signed a technical and scientific cooperation agreement with the Brazilian Navy Marines Corps and the Technological Center of Marines Corps.

This agreement aims to carry out joint actions of research in order to boost the development of the Mobile Floating Bridge Systems project, used to cross watercourses.

The instrument is adhered to the provisions of the National Defense Strategy and it is based in permissive terms of Article 9 of the Law 10.973 of 2004, also noting the requirements of the National Institute of Industrial Property.

Due to Brazilian Navy participation in this project they will receive from ARES SA, as a royalty, a percentage of the net sales or of products or services sales related to the agreement object, except when this commercialization were held with union bodies.

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Expodefensa 2015 Official Opening

December 01, 2015

This Monday, after the official opening of Expodefensa 2015, event based in Bogotá - Colombia, ARES received the visit of the Commander of the Colombian Navy, Vice Admiral Santamaria.

The participation in this event is part of ARES commercial strategy that aims to expand its operations in Latin America, looking for new business opportunities and partnerships.

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Economic crisis makes Army prioritize activities

October 27, 2015

The Brazilian Army (EB) is electing some priorities in the light of the economic crisis the country is experiencing. One of them are the exercises as operation Treme Cerrado, which ended last Thursday (22), in Taiwan (GO). The action involved around 2,000 soldiers, more than 280 vehicles and aircraft. For the first time in the Midwest, was employed the wheeled armored VBTP-MR.

Second division general Racine Balouch Son, military commander of the plateau, even with economic difficulties, the training will continue happening. "In situations favourable or not the budget, we will always comply with our missions," he said. "We will adapt to the situation in the present. Adapt to the reality of the country, choosing priorities, "added the general.

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Ares team completes integration of UT30BR tower to the GUARANI

October 25, 2015

The ARES team held on the premises of IVECO, the integration of unmanned tower units 05 UT30BR at Guarani Vehicles. In total will be 10 cars to receive this integration, as contract signed with the Brazilian Army.

The ARES team that participated in the previous inspections conducted on vehicle integration, performed the Assembly of important items to install, updated the firmware and calibration of sensors in the system, coordinated all interface ring preparation to receive the Tower, made all the interconnecting cables and connections to terminate the process, resulted in a complete test of the system.

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In a meeting with Commander of the Navy Minister Aldo know major projects and challenges of force

October 23, 2015

The main projects and challenges of the Navy of Brazil were presented on Thursday (22) to Defense Minister Aldo Rebelo, the Commander of the force, Admiral Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira.

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Brazilian Army on maneuvers: Treme Cerrado

October 23, 2015

The ARES participated in the Operation, an exercise in Treme training coordinated by the Military Command of the plateau, in the field of education of Taiwan (CIF) in the State of Goiás that happened during the period from 17 to 22 October.

Among the activities of the event, we highlight the presence of REMAX on the Guarani who was present in the car days of the event, performing tests and maneuvers on the field in training exercises on the ground. The team of logistical support of the ARES was also present, aiding technically the army during the activities.

The REMAX is a remotely controlled weapon station, completely stabilized to 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm machine gun, developed under the requirements of the Brazilian Army.

One of the main advantages of the tower are the ability of daytime and nighttime operation aided by optical and laser sensors able to detect and recognize targets, with high accuracy in shooting on the move, being stabilised in two axes. In addition, with a non-intrusive installation, guarantees the protection of the army during battles, since its operation is remote, made inside the car.

Inside the car, is installed to operadoratirador station, equipped with a multifunction display through which the external images, captured by the sensors, can be monitored by enabling the operator to track and locate targets with precision, control the smoke grenade launcher system and perform operations remotely REMAX safely.

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FINEP supports development of armored vehicle for military use

October 14, 2015

The President of Finep, Luis Fernandes, and the President of Grupo Inbra filter, João Cândido, signed on 13 October day financing agreement for the development of multipurpose armoured vehicle destined for the actions of the armed forces. Named Gladiator, the vehicle can be used in military missions to transport, combat engineering, among other uses.

With total value of R 24 million, the project reached the Finep through Inova Aerodefesa program. Funding resources, R 19.2 million, will be made available in the form of credit. Already the counterpart of Inbra Terrestrial group company Inbra, total R 4.8 million. The deadline for disbursement of resources and execution of the project is three years.

Classified as light-sized for the defense industry, the Gladiator weighs about seven tons and is considered a 4 x 4 vehicle has four-wheel drive. 100 national project, the vehicle went by so-called early tests of shock action – which include power, armor, speed, capacity and autonomy – and obtained results that put him ahead of traditional multinationals in countries such as Italy, Germany and United States.

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In the first speech as Defense Minister Aldo Rebelo defends development of strategic projects.

October 8, 2015

In the ceremony of passing of the position of the Ministry of defence, Aldo Rebelo promised support "each of the strategic agendas of the forces". The ceremony took place on Thursday (8), in the morning, at the Club Naval de Brasília (DF), was marked by the signature of the book of transmission of Possession by the Minister who left the post, Jaques Wagner, newly inaugurated as Chief of staff of the Presidency of the Republic, and the new holder.

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Photo: Gilberto Alves

Remax is featured in Taiwan Operation 2015

October 8, 2015

Throughout the month of September, REMAX Weapons station was integrated into vehicle PIRANHA of the Marine Corps (CFN). All the service was planned and executed at the company, having been adopted after integration tests performed on shooting streak army Evaluation Center (Exhibitor Service).

Throughout the integration and testing phase in the Exhibitor Service, Marines were trained in the operation of REMAX.

This approval was important because qualified binomial PIRANHA-REMAX to be employed in operational exercises conducted by CFN in Taiwan, during the period from 01 to 07 October, when integration efforts were crowned with the successes achieved over the years.

The team of ARES was present during the entire period of operation in Taiwan, providing technical support and contributing to complement the training started in Rio de Janeiro.

This was the first time in history that the Marines had the opportunity to employ operationally a remotely controlled weapons station, adding new capabilities to the vehicle and the army.

In fact, the total stabilisation features, daytime and thermal vision channels, in addition to laser telemetry allowed the realization of operational shooting with high level of precision and performance.

For being remotely controlled, REMAX car crew allowed the PIRANHA operate with total security, since the shooter meet its surveillance tasks, monitoring of targets and execution of shot without the need for external exposure to the vehicle, which reduces the stress level in the operation and, therefore, raises efficiency and effectiveness in the fulfilment of its tasks.

The REMAX is already operational in GUARANÝ Brazilian Army vehicles and has already been preselected to furnish the future 4 x 4 vehicles that Earthforce.

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Corvette Barroso replaces Union frigate on a mission of peace in Lebanon

September 14, 2015

With the presence of the Navy commander, Admiral Edward Bacellar Leal Ferreira, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Vieira, occurred in the early afternoon of Monday (14), replacing the Union frigate by the Corvette Barroso on Maritime Task Force (FTM) of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (Unifil). Admiral Leal Ferreira represented the Defense Minister Jaques Wagner, who could not attend the event, but sent a message read during the replacement.

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Independence day celebrations

September 7, 2015

Brazil's independence day was celebrated yesterday throughout the country with military parades in the capitals of Brazilian States.

As happens every year, the civic-military parade that takes place on the Esplanade of the Ministry in Brasilia marked the high point of the celebrations by magna of the nation, an event that counted with the presence of President Dilma Rousseff and Vice President Michel Temer, in addition to Ministers and other federal, State and municipal authorities, as well as guests from various representations of other countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Brazil.

With estimated 25 thousand people, the parade was led the presidential military commander, Division general Racine Balouch Son, and included the participation of the three Armed Forces. Deserve special mention the presentation of the Group of military athletes members of the high performance program of the armed forces, 12 of whom were medalists during the recent Pan American Games, and the return of the smoke squadron as part of the aerial views.

See pictures of the parade in Brasilia that recalled the 193rd anniversary of emancipation politics of Brazil.

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REMAX is featured in an event that celebrates the day of the military engineer

August 4, 2015

The event that happened last week, at the headquarters of the army in Battle, paid tribute to the Military Engineer's day celebrated on day 03 August and had one of their attractive exposure of REMAX, weapons station developed by the science and technology centre of the Army (CTEx) in partnership with ARES.

The project manager REMAX, Frederick Abbas that gave prestige to the event, stressed the traditional partnership of ARES with the armed forces and the development of several successful projects throughout its history in the Defense market.

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Avibras and VBMT-LR of the Brazilian Army

August 3, 2015

The Avibrás is one of the finalists in the selection process for the acquisition of Armored Car Wheel light Multitasking (VBMT-LR) which is part of the Guarani Project of the Brazilian Army, with the goal of completing the new family of armoured wheeled vehicles, planned to restructure and modernize the Army ground force capacity.

The armored cabin has four doors, seats five and allows the installation of equipment in accordance with the version of the vehicle and its mission.

The modular design allows the installation of ceiling sisyemas of weapons specified by the EB as the bReparo Automated X-REMAXb of national manufacturing.

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ATHENA sensor ensures differential for operation CARIBEX 2015

July 30, 2015

NPa Macau and his crew departed 19 March day Christmas to make up the Group-Task CARIBEX 2015, along with the NPa and NPa Bocaina Bracuí of Gom4DN.

The operation CARIBEX aims to perform the Brazilian Navy cooperative Exchange with the marine and Coastal guards of the countries and Islands in the Carive through exercises and visits.

The NPa Macau operated with optic sensor ATHENA the company airs that was highly praised in the nocturnal operations carried out, as well as in border patrol with French Guiana.

The handle Optronics allows monitoring with a contact of interest discretion, image recording, measurement of distance to the contact and when integrated weapons system, Director, in addition to other features.
For the Commander of NPa Macau, Captain of Corvette Bruno Emilião Pinto, the handle and the operation ATHENA secured a key differentiator, especially at night.

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Oto Melara proposes HITFACT 105 mm turret for the Brazilian Army in partnership with ARES

July 28, 2015

By OTO melara of Brazil, the Italian OTO Melara is forming a strategic partnership with ARES and IMBEL to give the Brazilian Army the HITFACT 105 mm, a tower for three crew members, operated electronically, Guarani 8 x program proposal.

The Tower proposal for the Brazil includes a 105mm52 low recoil machine gun, submachine gun 7, 62 mm with digital clock control sustema developed by Elbit System Land and C4I. The operation CARIBEX aims to perform the Brazilian Navy cooperative Exchange with the marine and Coastal guards of the countries and Islands in the Carive through exercises and visits.

The partner ARES also proposed other armored systems such as UT30BR, that has a 30 mm Autocannon, beyond TORC20, remotely operated Tower and also stabilized to 30 mm cannon, developed in partnership with the CREx (Army Technology Center).

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